Would you choose a video baby monitor?

August 25, 2014

tommee tippee video baby monitor review

What’s everyone’s view on video baby monitors? (See what I did there…)

With Eliza we had the tommee tippee sensor pad monitor*. It was a traditional sound monitor with a movement-sensing pad you placed under the baby’s mattress, and it beeped if it didn’t sense movement for a certain amount of time. We used it constantly, and took it everywhere with us. No exaggeration.

I’ve heard people say that motion monitors would make them more paranoid, but it gave me such peace of mind. Although Eliza slept right by us in our room for months, it was really useful for evenings and I’m sure it stopped me waking her up a million times by checking she was still breathing.

We’ve been sent the tommee tippee digital video monitor for the new baby, thanks to the guys at Asda. The next step up from our old monitor, this one includes a digital video monitor. A baby monitor with a video camera; is this be an over anxious step too far?

For us, I don’t think so. Although I’m hoping to be slightly less neurotic as a second-time-mum, we are in a house this time, so being able to quickly see if the baby is stirring will save us running up and down the stairs a million times each evening (although I’m sure I will anyway). Plus it just looks pretty useful, and will add another layer of gadetetry to my high-tech loving household.

The camera – with infrared night vision powers – is on the base unit, so there’s no extra wires or pieces of equipment.

tommee tippee video baby monitor review

And the video screen is on the parent unit (top photo). It’s a digital display so should be a pretty clear picture in the dark.


As well as the motion mat, It also has the usual useful elements – the room temperature, two-way talk-back, subtle night light and alarm if either units are turned off.

We’re looking forward to testing it out soon; I suspect it will also be useful for keeping an eye on runaway Mickey.

We were sent this as part of the Asda baby and toddler promotion, where it’s currently half price at £90. There are also discounts on lots of big brand name baby products, and everything from wipes to car seats. Definitely worth checking out if you have young children or have another on the way (yikes).

* I was given it as tt was one of my clients at my old social media agency.


  • Brenda

    December 9, 2014 at 1:50 am

    My daughter is about 3-months old. I need to juggle between staying by her side and completing the household tasks. I find it difficult to concentrate when my daughter is out of sight.

    A friend suggested that I should invest in a baby monitor and I’m now looking for the best baby monitor to buy. Based on your review, it seems that I need to place the movement sensor beneath the pad. But how does it connect to the camera unit? Is there any wire involved?

    Sorry for asking such question. I’m just a little paranoid about the wires dangling around the crib.

    1. gillian

      January 3, 2015 at 1:01 am

      Hello! No problem. There is a wire that attaches the sensor to the camera unit. We have a co-sleeper cot that attaches to our bed so the wire goes through a gap underneath the cot, the runs behind the back of our bed so it’s tucked out of the way. We had a similar monitor last time and fed the wire underneath the moses basket and cot – it’s quite easy to make sure it’s out of the way of the baby x

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