Three things from the weekend

April 8, 2013

1) We paid our first visit to the Horniman Musuem in Forest Hill. A tweeting walrus, fluorescent fish, what more could you want? If you’ve not been already, go! We took the Overground from Crystal Palace and discovered the life-changingly amazing news that the lifts in the station are now working. If you’ve ever been to the station, you’ll understand (previously; steps, lots of).

2) It was the first weekend in a while we’d been in London, so it was nice just to be in our area and flat and not have to do much. Eliza had lots of fun ‘helping’ us with some sorting / sensory play, of course. We’re still no closer to making any big move decisions though, so please keep suggesting places.

3) Sunday was the first West Norwood Feast of the year. It’s a food and street market in the grounds of a church, read about the last one we went to. Sunday was sunny, amazingly enough, which was great as it’s always such a happy event, and so nice to have something like this that’s so local. We came home with dinner, pie and camembert bread with a whole load of cheese baked in it. Be still, my dough-loving heart.

Another local food fact; the new Crystal Palace Food Market is launching in May.

What did everyone else get up to? x


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