• 20 Tips For Second Time Mums

    March 24, 2017

    Here Are 20 Tips For Second Time Mums Here are 20 tips for second time mums…What is the best and most useful advice for second-time mums, and mums of two? It struck me after writing advice for my friend the first-time mum that second-time mums probably need it more; especially when the main type of comment…

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  • Why I’m not embarrassed about breastfeeding in public (and you shouldn’t be either)

    November 6, 2015

    How do you feel about breastfeeding in public? Breastfeeding in public, how do you feel about it – fine, comfortable, relaxed…or slightly awkward and really reluctant to do it? A new poll out this week found that a third of breastfeeding mothers shy away from doing it in public and feel embarrassed or uncomfortable, with 1…

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  • Simple tips for stress-free newborn dressing

    October 25, 2015

    Looking for simple tips for dressing newborns…? One of the pre-baby rites of passage is when you wash all the baby clothes ready for your imminent new arrival. I think every mum does that double take where they look at their pregnancy bump and back at the piles of freshly washed, tiny babygros and can’t…

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  • Swimming pools, baby spas and Huggies Pure

    July 6, 2015

    One of the biggest revelations from our holiday was just how much both my children took to the water.

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  • Future mum of two? Here’s my (non) advice…

    April 29, 2015

    What advice would a mum who’s a future mum of two…? So the world is on high alert for news of the new royal baby, in case you’ve failed to notice as you’ve been living on Mars, or under a rock, or just, you know, really busy. As an aside, surely the only thing worse…

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  • Your Baby’s First Six Months: 25 Inevitable Events

    April 9, 2015

    Your Baby’s First Six Months – Here Are 25 Inevitable Events Your baby’s first six months – so you’ve made it through the roller-coaster first six months of new babydom? Congratulations! It feels like such a massive achievement, doesn’t it? (Except no-one gives you a medal  – and you have to keep on going…) Florence…

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  • My notes from a neurotic first time motherhood

    March 27, 2015

    What completely neurotic, fussy, overprotective, OTT things did you do as a first-time parent that you wouldn’t dream of doing now? It’s easily done – as soon as you have a baby you’re suddenly thrust head first into a whole new world, where you have little or no clue what you’re doing and there’s a…

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