Outfits for a sunny spring weekend

April 6, 2014

Hurrah, it’s finally spring. So no more thick tights and winter coats, right? So when we were asked by Florence & Fred – the clothing range from Tesco – to choose some outfits for our Mother’s Day weekend, I picked some things suitable for a sunny day at the seaside as we would be spending ours with my Mum and Dad down in Bournemouth.

I picked two outfits for Eliza, below. They were the stripy pink and blue dress from Charlie&Me (£12) and the blue denim dress (£10). I also picked blue leggings (£4) and spotty canvas shoes (£5) to go with both.

Toddler outfits for spring

OK, so these were optimistically sunny outfits for March – hence the photos being taken inside – but I thought they were too lovely to resist. We’ve been wearing the denim dress lots already as it looks great with a long-sleeved top and tights, and I know we’ll get lots of use out of the stripy dress in the summer. The leggings are good value for such a wardrobe staple; and although they are slightly too big at the moment, I know they’ll be worn lots in a few month’s time.

I’m already a fan of supermarket clothing ranges, as they offer really cost-effective and quality alternatives, especially for children. And lets face it, anything fun you can pick up makes doing the supermarket shop that little bit more interesting. But I was really impressed by the wide range on the Florence & Fred website; for both children and adults. 

We were provided with a choice of clothes from Florence & Fred; read my disclaimer policy here.

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