Nicknames For Mary: 101 Of The Best Mary Nicknames

March 21, 2024

Looking For Mary Nicknames? Read The Best Nicknames For Mary

If you’ve chosen the name Mary for your baby girl, you might be looking for the best Mary nicknames – so read our list that includes cute and funny nicknames and the Mary meaning, to help you find your perfect Mary nickname.

Mary is a classic biblical name for girls. But if you want a pet name to give your baby from time to time, read our list to help you find your perfect nickname for Mary.

Nicknames for Mary

The Mary Meaning – What Does Mary Mean?

What does the name Mary mean? Looking for the meaning of Mary?

When it comes to the Mary meaning, the name Mary is a girl’s given name with Hebrew origins. The Mary meaning is either drop of the sea, bitter, or beloved.

Mary is the English form of Maria, which itself came from the Hebrew name Maryam/Mariam. You can read our nicknames for Maria.

Mary is a biblical name, and there are actually six Marys in the bible – including the Virgin Mary.

How Popular Is The Name Mary?

How popular is Mary? Is Mary a rare name?

Mary is a classic girls name that was once the most popular name for girls. However, it is more rare now.. In the US, as per the latest baby name lists consisting of names registered, Mary is the 136th most popular name for American girls.

If I Like Mary, What Other Names Will I Like?

Love the name Mary? You might be wondering about other names you might like.

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101 Nick names For The Name Mary

best Mary nickname

Here are 101 nick names for the name Mary to help you find your favourite short name for your baby:

  1. Mar
  2. Mare
  3. Mari
  4. Marie
  5. Maria
  6. MarMar
  7. M
  8. MM
  9. Em
  10. Emm
  11. Eme
  12. Emme
  13. Emie
  14. Emmie
  15. Emy
  16. Emmy
  17. Emey
  18. Emmey
  19. Mi
  20. MiMi
  21. Me
  22. MeMe
  23. Mee
  24. MeeMee
  25. Mariella
  26. Ari
  27. Arie
  28. Mamie
  29. Mamy
  30. Mame
  31. Marnie
  32. Marny
  33. May
  34. Maye
  35. Mitzi
  36. Mitz
  37. Mitsi
  38. Mits
  39. Molly
  40. Mol
  41. Moll
  42. Mols
  43. Molls
  44. Mollie
  45. Moli
  46. Molli
  47. Mole
  48. Maura
  49. Marietta
  50. Mae
  51. Mai
  52. Ray
  53. Rae
  54. Rai
  55. Yari
  56. Yarie
  57. Yare
  58. Maryam
  59. Polly
  60. Minnie
  61. Minny
  62. Minni
  63. Mini
  64. Minie
  65. Miny
  66. Ma
  67. MaMa
  68. Maru
  69. Maro
  70. Mara
  71. Miriam
  72. Marium
  73. Mo
  74. Maisie
  75. Madge
  76. Madgie
  77. Mops
  78. Mopsy
  79. Marla
  80. MayMay
  81. MaeMae
  82. Maz
  83. Mazz
  84. Mazy
  85. Mazzy
  86. Mazie
  87. Mazzie
  88. Mazey
  89. Mazzey
  90. My
  91. Mye
  92. Mia
  93. Ry
  94. Rye
  95. Myo
  96. Mio

Funny Nicknames For Mary

If you’re looking for something sweeter, read these cute and funny nicknames for Mary:

  1. Miss M
  2. Mare Bear
  3. Mary Beary
  4. Mary had a little lamb
  5. Mary Moo
  6. Moo

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