Nicknames For Katherine: 101 Best Katherine Nicknames

March 25, 2024

Looking For Katherine Nicknames? Read The Best Nicknames For Katherine

If you’re picking the name Katherine for your baby girl, you might be looking for the best Katherine nicknames – so read our list that includes cute and funny nicknames and the Katherine meaning, to help you find your perfect Katherine nickname.

Katherine is a classic name for girls, and a perfect name in itself. So why give your baby a nickname? There are lots of reasons why you might be looking for a short version of your baby’s name. You might want a shorter version or pet name to give your baby from time to time, to use day-to-day or as a nickname. You might be a house of people who go by nicknames already. You might like shortening names for affection.

nicknames for Katherine

If you’re looking for a short version of the name, read our list to help you find your perfect nickname for Katherine.

The Katherine Meaning – What Does Katherine Mean?

What does the name Katherine mean? Looking for the meaning of Katherine? Names have different meanings, and this can impact on your thoughts about the name, and the different short versions you can give your child because of it.

When it comes to the Katherine meaning, the name Katherine is a girl’s given name that has Greek origins, and the meaning of the name Katherine is pure.

How Popular Is The Name Katherine?

You might want to pick a name that’s currently popular, or you might want to pick a name that’s rare and much less popular. So how popular is Katherine? Is Katherine a rare name?

In the US, as per the latest baby name lists consisting of names registered with Social Security, the name Katherine is the 166th most popular name for American girls in the list of all the names registered.

101 Nick names For The Name Katherine

Katherine nicknames

Here are 101 nick names for the name Katherine to help you find your favourite short name for your baby:

  1. Kate
  2. Katie
  3. Katy
  4. Katey
  5. Kathy
  6. Kath
  7. Kat
  8. Kit
  9. Kats
  10. Kits
  11. Kitty
  12. Kay
  13. Kaye
  14. Cate
  15. Catey
  16. Cath
  17. Cathy
  18. Cat
  19. Catty
  20. Cay
  21. Caye
  22. Ci
  23. CiCi
  24. Ce
  25. CeCe
  26. CeeCee
  27. Kathryn
  28. Catherine
  29. Cathryn
  30. Katriona
  31. Catriona
  32. Catarina
  33. Katarina
  34. Katrina
  35. Catrina
  36. Katrin
  37. Catrin
  38. Katrine
  39. Catrine
  40. Cary
  41. Kary
  42. Cari
  43. Kari
  44. Carey
  45. Karey
  46. Kare
  47. Care
  48. Cari
  49. Kari
  50. Kar
  51. Karr
  52. Car
  53. Carr
  54. Karie
  55. Carie
  56. Kara
  57. Cara
  58. Kata
  59. Cata
  60. Kato
  61. Cato
  62. Karo
  63. Caro
  64. Kal
  65. Cal
  66. Kall
  67. Call
  68. Kalie
  69. Calie
  70. Kallie
  71. Callie
  72. Karol
  73. Carol
  74. Karole
  75. Kaz
  76. Caz
  77. Kazz
  78. Cazz
  79. CoCo
  80. Koraline
  81. Kadie
  82. Kaddie
  83. Kass
  84. Cass
  85. Kassie
  86. Cassie
  87. Kaz
  88. Kazz
  89. Rin
  90. Rinn
  91. Katya
  92. Karin
  93. Tin
  94. Tini
  95. Cati
  96. Kati
  97. Kick
  98. Katia

Funny Nicknames For Katherine

If you’re looking for the perfect nickname. you might want something that’s slightly sweeter, or you might be looking for something that’s cute or funny. If you’re looking for something sweeter, read these cute and funny nicknames for Katherine:

  1. Miss K
  2. Kitty Cat
  3. KitKat

If I Like Katherine, What Other Names Will I Like?

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