My review of Maison D’Anu pregnancy skincare products

September 19, 2011

Maison D'Anu review -  Prevent Stretch mark lotionMaison D'Anu review - Rescue Ginger Anti Nausea Roll on Pulse PointMaison D'Anu Rescue Peppermint Anti Nausea Roll on Pulse Point

A Maison D’Anu review of pregnancy skincare products… I *love* beauty products, as our heaving bathroom shelves will testify. So when I was offered some products from the Maison D’Anu pregnancy skincare range to review, I jumped at the chance. I’d not heard much about the brand before, but the emphasis is on ethical products containing natural ingredients, which sounded pretty ideal for during pregnancy.

At first look the packaging is lovely – sleek silver metal with discrete orange writing, and each product has a different quirky tagline (my favourite was the brilliant ‘reach for this before you retch’ on the pulse oil).

The first product I tried in my Maison D’Anu review was the Pulse Point roll-on Rescue oil, an oil you apply to your wrists whenever you’re feeling that ever-familiar pregnancy nausea. It comes in two, 100% natural, variants: ginger and peppermint (my favourite as it smells so clean and fresh).

The oil works by distracting the senses; a simple idea that’s hugely effective. After using these over the summer, I reached the conclusion that they should be handed out with ‘Baby on Board’ badges to pregnant women in London, for use on public transport during hot weather. With a heightened sense of smell, all busses and tubes smell even more like tramps, toilets and hundreds of sweaty commuters, Which is where the oil comes in really handy – especially when you’re rammed into someone’s armpit.

I also tried the Stretch Mark lotion, which contains Siegesbeckia Orientails for healing qualities, and Gotu Kola, which encourages good circulation. The first thing that struck me was the smell – I loved it as it wasn’t too overpoweringly flowery. It absorbed really quickly, a huge bonus compared to some of the other creams I’ve tried (which leave you with an oily residue with the unwanted side-effect of ‘husband repellant’).

At £32 the lotion is on the pricey end of all the anti-stretch mark products I’ve seen. However, it’s a premium natural product, you really do get what you pay for, and it lasts ages. It is by far the best of anything I’ve tried, and so far my skin remains in a lovely condition – and, most importantly, strechmark free.

I was also sent the Perenium Massage Oil, which apparently I don’t need to start using until later on (one less newly-weird thing to think about at the moment – phew).

Overall, the products I tried were great; I’m still using them now, and I’ll definitely buy them again when they run out.

You can also follow Maison D’Anu on Twitter and Facebook; there’s also a non-pregnancy range available.

I was provided with these products to review on this blog; however the views and opinions are all mine.


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