Long weekend <3

May 5, 2014


Hands up who loves long weekends? Or should that be, hands up who doesn’t love long weekends? Technically, as a midweek worker / mum they don’t make that much difference to me, but Alex is off so it means three whole days of just the three of us. Which is one of my favourite things ever.

As always with the best weekends, we didn’t have an awful lot planned.

So our three days consisted of 1) DIY, mainly involving blinds and bookshelves. Seriously, if you’d told me a few years ago a satisfying bank holiday wouldn’t involve three days of solid socialising / aka drinking I would have been surprised, but there you go.

2) Hanging out in the garden (still such a novelty! Even hanging my washing on the line is a novelty. I am my mum).

An awful lot of eating. On Saturday we headed into Central London for lunch at Gordon Ramsey’s Maze Grill, which was so good we couldn’t eat for the rest of the day (proper review coming soon).

And on Sunday we had the momentous occasion of our first proper BBQ in the new house. The 3) BBQ was a moving in present, and we (*cough* Alex) spent most of the afternoon putting it together. By that time, the only charcoal left in the shop was a mini bag, hence the cosy coal affair.

Food-wise, Asda had sent us a selection of BBQ meat from the new summer range to try out, with some wine to match.

This included Asda’s pulled pork burgers (seriously good) and Cajun spiced sausages (also; amazing).

Being a both a bad blogger and a hungry pregnant person, we’d actually eaten it all before I got any food photos. Oh dear.

But here’s my two of favourite BBQ items of the things that we were sent:

4) There can never be too many condiments in your life, as my cupboard will testify, and mine is much more richer for having met the Asda Bourbon BBQ sauce. So good. And the American coleslaw, which has really gherkins and mustard in it. It’s not just being pregnant, I would wolf this down at the best of times.

How was everyone’s weekend? I’m off to eat the rest of the coleslaw.

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