Last-minute Christmas gift ideas from TK Maxx

December 21, 2013

Last minute Christmas gifts from TK Maxx

OK, hands up. I’ve not yet finished my Christmas shopping. What’s that, I hear you cry – the big day is only three days away? I know, I know. We’ve been so preoccupied with moving house that I’ve not really had a spare second to think about it.

I did manage to get some done previously though, and with handy timing TK Maxx got in touch recently and asked me to pick out some items from the gift and children’s gift section of its site for me and my family.

There’s a huge selection of different presents, even this close to Christmas. If, like me, you’re contemplating a day of near-panic buying tomorrow, it’s definitely worth having a look at TK Maxx for some last-minute gift inspiration.

Here’s my top gift selections (these are the items I picked, or very close to them as some of the items have since sold out):

  • Because Christmas should be celebrated with great food and drink, this (1) Christmas hamper, £24.99
  • Practical items don’t have to be boring – (8) Brown leather belt, £10 and (2) children’s bobble scarf from one of my favourite women’s wear designers, £9
  • Books are always a good bet, (3) Little Miss complete collection box set, £24.99 and (7) Thomas the Tank Engine story book, £8
  • There’s a great selection of children’s dressing up outfits, like this (4) monster cape, £9.99 and (5) pirate costume £12
  • And because you can’t go wrong with a candle (6) £24.99 – especially not if it’s a present for yourself!

Thanks TK Maxx – I was asked to choose items to the value of £100 from the Christmas gift section of the website.


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