A moving Christmas story

December 24, 2013

Happy Christmas

So we are all moved and all in, and although it was touch and go for a really long time, we actually managed it just before Christmas. The move itself went really smoothly, especially as we took everyone’s advice and hired packers (who were so efficient that they even packed a bag of recycling from the old flat).

Eliza is in love with the garden and the stairs, and likes to sit on the top step singing the Bingly Bongly song. The house is very much a work in progress, as we found out on the second day when the gas service man slapped a ‘condemned’ sticker on the ancient boiler. So Alex and I are giving each other the gift of heating and hot water this year – oh, the romantic joys of adulthood.

There’s so much to be done and so much we can do to the house, and although I have spent some moments despairing, it’s all pretty exciting. I’m sure I’ll be boring everyone to tears with photos soon (this one is our Christmas Jumperfest from our old flat). But first, I’m looking forward to sleep and not having to do anything for the next few days.

Happy Christmas! x


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