A new bath toy, and an eternal Dora earworm

July 20, 2014

Review of Dora the Explorer swimming mermaid bath doll toy

OK, parenting confession time. Occasionally, when Eliza wakes up freakishly early and won’t go back to sleep, we wedge her in bed between us with Netflix on the iPad so we can snooze. We try not to do this every day but you know, 5.45am = ouch.

She’s not complaining, as it means she gets to watch cartoons. Her favourite at the moment is Dora The Explorer. Dora has a habit of intense gazes, but she’s a pretty feisty young adventuress who also speaks Spanish, meaning it’s both feminist and educational (…right?)

So Eliza was pretty overjoyed when
Swimming Mermaid Dora arrived at our house, sent to us to review by Fisher Price.

Dora’s a mermaid-shaped bath toy with long hair. Toy Dora looks very appealing too – there’s lots of attention to detail on her outfit, her tail is shimmery, she has her own comb for her hair.

Review of Dora the Explorer Dive and Swim bath toy mermaid

To activate swimming mode, you wind the shell on Dora’s top and her fin will flip, propelling her around the bath. She’s not the most powerful swimmer, but a couple of seconds of the novelty seems to do it for Eliza (who spends most of the time swimming her in and out of the bath herself).

There’s also a heat-sensitive streak in Dora’s hair; actually, her hair is the main attraction and there’s so much of it. This makes her a great toy for both in and out of the bathroom. She did moult quite a bit at first, but I can sympathise…

The only problem? It means we permanently have the “do do do do do do do do do Doooooora” theme tune in our heads.

And who remembers these vintage childhood Fisher Price toys?

Swimming Mermaid Dora is around £22 from most major toy retailers.

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