Dungarees: a big no, or yes please?

Children's dungarees

Children’s dungarees from l-r: Verbaudet / La Redoute, H&M, Tootsa Macginty

As a 12 year old nearly-teenager, I wanted more than anything in the world to have a pair of patchwork, cropped dungarees. Other fashion ‘inspirations’ at the time were big floppy hats a la Blossom, home made tie-dye, and anything worn by Clarissa Explains It All. Don’t blame me, blame the 90′s.

I never actually got a pair, which can only be a good thing. However, according to this article in The Observer, dungarees are back. Dungarees as an adult…?¬†Unsurprisingly, it’s a big no from me.

However, if we’re talking about dungarees for babies…then bring them on. I love the unisex appeal as well as the cute and practical style. So here’s my round-up of the best children’s dungarees available to buy at the moment:

Mini Marcus Mumford

  • Eliza currently has the cream corduroy pair for boys, apparently, from Vertbaudet (top left, and also photo from today on the left, looking like a mini member of Mumford and Sons)
  • I have my eye on the denim heart cropped pair from H&M for her – middle photo – I love the children’s clothes section, it’s even better than the adult’s clothes. And so cheap too
  • And then surely the king of all children’s bib-fronted unisex fashion is the dungarees loving Tootsa MacGinty. You can get them in red as above, as well as blue. And in the sale too.

So dungarees…would you?


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17 thoughts on “Dungarees: a big no, or yes please?”

  1. Pip wears dungarees. We got some lovely ones from the White Company when she was tiny last summer (via eBay). Hers were striped but a bit like these ones. We have also got some vintage ones, both that my Mum saved and has also bought in charity shops. Gap also do or have done some nice denim ones we’ve had as hand-me-downs.

    1. The White Company ones are great, love those! Pip sounds like she has such good clothes. You’ve just reminded me that my mum gave us a dungaree dress that I used to wear when I was younger (it has a very retro applique on the front)

  2. Dungarees look absolutely adorable on babies and toddlers, they’re my favorite thing to dress my little boy in and so practical now he’s crawling as they don’t fall down!
    I might have to get a pair of the Tootsa Macginty ones as denim can get a bit dull sometimes.

    1. I love the Tootsa Macginty ones – E has the bear sweatshirt from there and it’s brilliant. Such fab clothes x

  3. I absolutely love dungarees for kids. My 18 month old daughter looks dead cute in the red stripey dungies from Tootsa Macginty and has a great pair of electric blue ones from John Lewis. People always comment on them…maybe it’s the nostalgia?! And the bonus is, they’ll be passed to her little brother shortly!

  4. We were only discussing this the other day when one of my friend’s sons turned up in the cutest pair of denim dungarees. Definitely perfect for children! Not so sure for adults though!!
    Eliza looks really gorgeous in hers!

  5. On babies, they’re the cutest thing ever. I had to stop dressing my toddler in them when he reached about 18 months though as he hated them. On adults? Not for me :-) I did love Blossom though.

    1. Not for me either :-) Love how you can dress children in things you wouldn’t wear though! Ah, fellow fan of 90′s TV :-)

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