Three cheerful things

March 9, 2014

Strawberries, fish fingers, baby ravesWe’ve been feeling rather under the weather lately, not helped by the never-ending winter, grey, and rain, rain, rain (but spring finally arrived today – hurrah!)

So here’s three things from the past few weeks that have been cheering us up:

1) Strawberries from Viva Strawberries, which are grown in sunny Spain and Morocco, so it doesn’t matter that it hasn’t stopped raining here for years and there’s definitely no tennis on TV. We were sent a half term activity pack, with strawberries, fruit and lots of fun stuff for Eliza including a game and personalised name labels. And for me, a mini wine with an ‘in case if emergency’ label on it. How brilliantly thought out is all of that?

We were going to use the fruit to make kebabs and strawberry milk, but ended up eating the strawberries just as they were (here’s some more ideas if you’re feeling a bit more adventurous). They are available in most supermarkets, if you want an early taste of summer.

2) When was the last time you had a really good fish finger sandwich? I’ve been a secret fan since my student days. So I absolutely loved the surprise knock on my door that happened to be a fish finger sandwich construction package from Birds Eye to celebrate it’s new TV ad. So that was dinner sorted, and I even ate half cold the next day (What? It was seriously that tasty).

3) I wrote about Big Fish Little Fish baby raves a while ago but we finally ended up going to the first one in Balham last weekend. It was brilliant; Eliza ran round like a maniac in the soft play area, craft corner and loved dancing on the stage and under the glitter cannons. And she hasn’t stopped talking about the ‘fun parachute’ since. Pre-pre-baby we used to live in Balham, so it took us right back, as it did when the DJ played ‘Sweet Harmony.’ It did make me laugh that Alex thought it was ‘exhausting’ (he’s never been to soft play).

What’s been cheering you up lately?

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