Why you need a Soda Stream in your adult life

February 5, 2014

Why you need a Soda Stream

What did you want as a child that you were never allowed to have? A quick straw poll of my friends brings up suggestions such as a cat, Hungry Hippos, Clarks Magic Steps shoes, stick insects, Operation and a Mr Frosty.

Mine was always a Soda Stream. Incredibly popular in the 80’s, I once went to a birthday party at the house of a friend who had one, and I duly badgered my mum as soon as I got home. She resisted the pester power and said no (we weren’t allowed fizzy drinks, so it was optimistic of me to even ask really).

Fast-forward a few – well, several – years, and the Soda Stream has had a sudden resurgence. I was sent one to review, and without wishing to spoil anything, it is amazing and well worth the wait.

Soda Stream review

Soda Stream

Here are the reasons you need a Soda Stream in your life now that you’re an adult:

1) How many times have you gone to have a sneaky gin, only to not have any mixers in the house? With the Soda Stream, you have your hands on mixers almost instantly

2) It is pretty boring when you’re pregnant and can’t drink lovely cocktails, fizzy wine, pink wine, red wine and so on. With the Soda Stream, you have a really wide range of flavours and interesting drinks so you’re not stuck on the water or lemonade

3) You can use it to make cocktails, instead of your usual mixer

4) The pink grapefruit flavour. It goes REALLY well with gin. And by itself

5) And how often have you wanted a fizzy drink when you’re hungover?

6) It’ll go really well in your kitchen. I was sent the blue metal one (£129.99) to review, but there’s a whole range of other styles and colours

7) It means you’re saving money in the long run, and making less waste with no plastic drinks bottles to throw away.

But how easy is it to use? Very, and as I’ve mentioned, me and the kitchen have our moments. Once it’s all set up, you fill the bottle (provided) with tap water, then insert it into the machine until it clicks into place. Press down on top, and it’ll fill with gas.  You then mix in a capful of the cordial of your choice. Cheers!

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