Preventing a post-pregnancy style crisis

May 2, 2013


There’s nothing like having a baby to throw you head-first into a sartorial state of shock. I was thrilled post-birth at the thought of being able to wear all my pre-pregnancy clothes until I realised that most of them weren’t suitable at all for breastfeeding. So yet again, I was stuck with the prospect of a whole wardrobe of clothes I could only wear 10% of.

I hate the feeling of drowning in clothes yet having nothing to wear, so in the weeks after giving birth I sorted all my clothes into items I could and would wear at that moment, and things that weren’t quite suitable for baby feeding, the park or the playground. Here’s some tips that worked for me on sorting out my post-maternity wardrobe:

Things to keep out:

  • Comfortable clothes – you’ll do a lot of hanging round the house in the early days, and if you’re having visitors you’ll probably want to wear something that’s slightly more presentable than pyjamas
  • Clothes suitable for breastfeeding – vests coupled with loose tops, shirts, stretchy dresses – basically anything that provides easy access
  • Casual clothes for wearing out of the house – probably along a theme of jeans, stripes and Converse
  • Accessories – anything you can use to glam up an outfit

Things to store:

  • Maternity clothes – hang on to these, you may need them again! But definitely store them away; there’s nothing more guaranteed to make you still feel pregnant than still wearing baggy clothes
  • Anything you can’t wear at the moment due to breastfeeding – high-necked tops, dresses and so on
  • Going out / dressy clothes – you will go out soon and need these again – honestly! – but probably not at the moment

Things to throw out:

  • Anything trend-led that’s gone out of fashion since you’ve had the baby
  • Maternity clothes that you know you won’t wear again next time (if there is one!)

How to get rid of your clothes:

  • As well as the usual routes of dropping things off at the charity shop or selling them on eBay, you can also get cash for clothes from various clothes-selling websites.

Have fun, and once you’ve sorted it all out, what better excuse do you need to go shopping?


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