Nicknames For Angel: 45 Of The Best Angel Nicknames

September 6, 2023

Looking For Nicknames For Angel? Read 45 Of The Best Angel Nicknames

If You’re Picking Angel As Your Baby Name, Here Are 45 Of The Best Angel Nicknames

If you’ve decided on Angel as a name for your baby, you might be looking for nicknames for Angel.

Read this post for 45 Angel nick names to find your perfect nickname for Angel, as well as the Angel meaning and middle names for Angel.

Nicknames for Angel

Angel is a classic unisex name that, while short, has lots of nickname potential.

We also look at what the name Angel means, the Angel meaning, middle names for Angel, how popular it is and where Angel appears on top baby name lists in the US and the UK.

What Does The Name Angel Mean? The Angel Name Meaning

What does the name Angel mean?

Angel is a name with Spanish and English origins. The Angel meaning is angel, a biblical being that acts as a messenger of God.

An angel is also someone who behaves impeccably.

How Popular Is Angel As A Baby Name?

Angel meaning

How popular is the name Angel? Is Angel a rare name?

While considered a unisex name, Angel is currently more popular as a name for boys.

In the US, Angel is currently the 62nd most popular name for boys in America.

Famous People Named Angel

Looking for famous people named Angel? Try one of these famous Angel namesakes:

Angel, Buffy The Vampire Slayer character

Searching For Middle Names For Angel?

On the hunt for middle names for Angel?

If you want something traditional, pick an old man name.

But if you want a short name. read our list of 150 one syllable boy names

For something completely different, pick a royal baby name.

45+ Nick names For The Name Angel

Funny nickname for Angel

Here are nicknames for the name Angel to help you find your perfect Angel nickname:

  1. Angelo
  2. Angello
  3. Ang
  4. Angg
  5. Angie
  6. An
  7. Ann
  8. Any
  9. Anny
  10. Anie
  11. Annie
  12. Lo
  13. Angy
  14. Gel
  15. Gell
  16. Gels
  17. Gells
  18. Gelo
  19. Gello
  20. Ge
  21. Gee
  22. GeGe
  23. GeeGee
  24. Gi
  25. GiGi
  26. Gia
  27. Gela
  28. Gella
  29. Angi
  30. El
  31. Ell
  32. Ele
  33. Elle
  34. Angelina
  35. Angelica
  36. Angu
  37. Angio
  38. Angs
  39. Angster

Cute And Funny Nicknames For Angel

Here are cute and funny nicknames for Angel:

  1. Mr A
  2. Angle
  3. Angler
  4. Halo
  5. Angel Gabriel
  6. Gabriel
  7. Archangel

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