Hello, and a couple of things…

February 22, 2018

A couple of things and hello

Firstly, hello! I just wanted to say, well, that really, and do a kind of awkward wave via a blog post.

And secondly, say apologies for the unintentional blog break and blog post drought…it just kind of happened towards the end of last year when everything got really really busy in the run-up to Christmas and there was loads of stuff and as usual I had no free hands and even less headspace, I’m sure you know what I mean (and also, if I’m honest, I got kind of stuck for things I could write about vs what I wanted to write about, mixed in with a big dose of the old self-doubt).

So I thought about making a proper start back in January (original or what?). But then January turned out to be as busy as December, so that sort of fell by the wayside. February, I thought. February is the one. And then out of seemingly no-where, half term happened, which was predictably hectic.

But, but it’s looking better now, so starting from next week I’ll be posting at least twice a week, with some new things planned. As well as lots of the old things, like more ridiculous thoughts on mumlife, family life, style and interiors, fashion and lovely things for mums and children, and our favourite things to do London.

And lastly (OK, I know I said a couple of things, but…) some brilliant things I’ve read recently from other people. Emily on non-judgemental self-care and Rachel on how you’re not a bad mother.

PS my sweatshirt is from Muthahood and the photo is in honour of painting my nails *jazz hands*

You can follow me over on Instagram Stories here (which I do update daily with random life thoughts and so on) and here are two favourite old posts – my eternal dilemma of dealing with coat-refusers and things they don’t tell you in NCT classes, but TOTALLY should

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