Cooking tips for new parents

May 23, 2013

George Bush stress dollThree things from our kitchen: clock, fairy lights, George Bush and a teapot

Ah, the first few weeks when you bring your new baby home. Crazy, chaotic, a complete learning curve. Cooking is often the last thing on the menu, as you’ll be far too busy looking after the baby, and each other.

But you all need to eat to deal with those night wake-ups and new experiences, and as a breastfeeding mum, you’ll probably be completely starving (I was hungrier than I ever was when I was pregnant!).

I’m no Delia Smith, Nigella Lawson or Jamie Oliver, but here are some of my tips for easy cooking when you’ve just become new parents, to make sure there’s food without you having to make a meal of the process:

  • If you’re really prepared, make loads of food to freeze before the baby is born. This is good as it means you have lots of meals ready to go. It’s bad if you get bored of lasagne easily
  • However, if like me you prefer to spend the pre-baby maternity leave watching TV and napping, you won’t have done this. Instead we ordered lots of food to be delivered from Cook – it’s ready prepared, posh frozen food that you just put in the oven or microwave – and it tastes amazing, too
  • Friends and family will often offer to make you food – say yes and accept it all!
  • Consider investing in a slow cooker. This is great for when you have no time, as all you have to do is throw a variety of meat, veg, stock, wine and seasoning in the morning, stick it on then you have a tasty meal a few hours later (you can read my slow cooker review if you’re tempted)
  • Get creative with things on toast. It doesn’t have to be beans or spaghetti hoops – although I love these too – there’s a whole host of simple but nice things you can make with all the good cheese you can now eat again, and veg, and different toppings. Here’s some recipes for good things on toast
  • Make online supermarket shopping your friend. It means you can get everything you need delivered to you, and you don’t leave the house (although it’s sometimes good to have a reason to get out)

And if you’re already back in your pre-baby jeans (woohoo!) you’ll probably want to protect them from getting covered in food when you’re cooking, so check out this range of aprons to avoid creating any more washing than you’ll already have with a newborn.


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