• How not to go to playgroup, in three months

    January 12, 2015

    Playgroup has been a bit of a fairytale for me and the toddler. No, not like that, we’re not that lucky – just that we’ve had to kiss a lot of frogs before we found our playgroup prince. After trying out a couple that included ‘the one miles away on the bus’ and ‘the toast…

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  • New Year’s Eve, new baby style

    December 31, 2014

    What are everyone’s plans for New Year’s Eve? Like lots of people, I have a fairly ambiguous relationship with the night. I spent the majority of my 20s going out, so all the fuss about one extra and ultra-expensive evening seemed unnecessary. But then it was another excuse to go out – so why not?…

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  • Two children, two and a half months in

    December 29, 2014

    What is it really like, having two children? It’s something I spent a lot of time thinking about before it happened. People were very keen to give me an opinion, mostly negative (I’d either get *that* look or a comment along the lines of “You’ll have your hands full!” Helpful, thanks). Having a newborn at…

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  • Christmas as a new mum – have yourself a hyper-hormonal christmas

    December 23, 2014

    Christmas as a new mum – what’s it really like? Christmas; it’s a heightened time of all the emotions, isn’t it? Even more so when you’re a new parent and are stirring the added extras of post-birth hormones and being completely knackered into the Yuletide mix, viewing everything through the twinkly haze of sleep deprivation.…

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  • The latest entry in my parenting hall of small shame

    December 19, 2014

    Mid-morning last Friday the doorbell rang. I’d been trying to get us all dressed for hours but between chasing the toddler round and round, slow breakfasts, baby feeds and the usual general stuff, it just hadn’t happened. Expecting it to be the postman or a delivery, I went to open the door. And lo and…

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