“Bouncing’s what Tiggers do best…” – Fisher Price Jumperoo review

June 7, 2012

Fisher Price Jumperoo review

Have You Tried The Fisher Price Jumperoo? Here’s Our Initial Review

Here’s our Fisher Price Jumperoo review…Baby toys took on a whole new bouncy realm this month, with the arrival of our newest baby purchase, the Fisher Price Jumperoo.

Me and Alex have history with this massive plastic monolith; shortly after announcing that we were having a baby, we stayed at our friends’ house and their baby daughter had one – and she absolutely loved it.

Despite the fact it’s MASSIVE, and often referred to as the ‘circle of neglect’ (side eye) we made a mental note to get one as soon as Eliza was old enough.

Tips For Using The Fisher Price Jumperoo

  • She’s tentatively liking it at the moment, but we’ve only been putting her in it for very short times for fear she’ll be overwhlmed – it’s very over-sensory
  • I have to say that it is huge though, so be prepared!
  • Pre-baby, I was concerned about having our lovely tasteful flat taken over by loads of brightly coloured toys that wouldn’t coordinate with anything – tell me I’m not the only one?! So I think when it comes to the Jumperoo, you have to get over it…
  • I’ve kind of given in now though, seeing how much she loves them all.

Fisher Price musical toy from the 70s

Vintage Fisher Price Toys

We’ve just got back from Sheffield, where we were for the extended jubilee weekend. All three of us were spoiled with lots of Grannie and Grandad time, and Eliza also got to meet her great-Grandmother, great-great Aunt, and conducted some in-utero telepathy with her future Cousin (due in July, we can’t wait).

Alex’s mum dug out some of his old toys including this original Fisher Price musical box from the 70’s – so it’s really interesting to see the contrast between the old and new toys.

Once you’ve read my Fisher Price Jumperoo review…you can also see my vintage Fisher Price toys here, as well as our Fisher Price bouncy chair review.

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