All you need is…the weekend

February 13, 2016

You are so great postcard

So. Glad. It’s. The. Weekend. Anyone had a tricky week? I posted this on Instagram earlier but it seemed kind of apt (I do think it’s kind of important to remind yourself that when you’ve had a tough few days and are beyond tired are feeling like you’re last on the list for the Mother of the Year award, but you’re probably doing a better job than you think).

Mini round-up of things from the week:

I’m on Belly Belly site with some pregnancy survival tips and also on the Argos website giving some tips for train travel with young children when you don’t have a car.

A new thing I’m working on for TalkMum is the Night Feed Nine, which is a round-up of the best videos, articles and blog posts to read when you’re up on the nightfeed (I used to run out of things to read so often). This week there’s a love theme (and you can also watch Charlotte’s latest video)

Recent posts…what other mothers *never* tell you about two childrengoing outside the lines (love that poster) and the return of the toddler.

Sure there’s lots of other things I can’t remember!

Have a lovely weekend (see what I did there).

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