The best place to have a manicure in South London

December 19, 2012

White Feather BoutiqueMums, how often do you take time out to do things for yourself? Pre-baby, you’re used to wallowing in that luxurious concept of free time, so it’s a shock when you don’t have five minutes to even consider doing something like straightening your hair, for days, when you have a tiny crying newborn. It’s a tired old advertising cliche around the ‘busy mum’ – as everyone is busy, right? – but it’s so easy to put pampering and beautifying yourself last when there’s a million other things that need your attention.

So I was very lucky to be invited by the lovely Rachel from Beauty Bash for a manicure at the White Feather Boutique in Herne Hill (home of both the street piano and Gymboree). Rachel is a beauty PR and nail technician who has set up a pop-up nail salon in the shop on Saturdays.

Despite walking past White Feather at least once a week I’ve never been in, but I’m not sure why as it’s lovely. In one of the moderm arches under the railway line, there’s a brilliant range of clothes and jewellery, including the ring I’m wearing in the photo and some amazing necklaces made by local artists out of reclaimed vintage pieces.

Rachel and I had a great chat about everything from PR to X Factor and the most popular nail colours while she painted mine (I went for really hot pink). I have the typical new mum hands that are dry from repeated washing, but they looked fantastic and it’s the best manicure I’ve had in years.

I made it my maternity leave mission to wear make-up while I’m at home, even if it’s just mascara, along with clothes that aren’t my, ahem, ‘yoga trousers’ – as it makes me feel a bit more human, essential when you’ve not had much sleep. It can be really difficult though to make the time to get out for haircuts or manicures and massages – but honestly, you feel so much better when you do. My nails stayed absolutely perfect for about a week; and that’s a week’s worth of glamorous nappy changes, shopping, washing, and unloading the dishwasher.

Rachel is at the White Feather boutique from 10-6  on Saturday 22nd and Monday 31st December, so it’s the perfect opportunity for a pre-Christmas / New Year treat (along with any last-minute present shopping!) – and then every Saturday from January onwards. She’s also available for hire; how perfect would it be for nights with your NCT group, for example, while the dads are on babysitting duties. Seriously, mums, what are you waiting for?

Beauty Bash contact details

White Feather is at 286 Milkwood Road, London, SE24 0EZ and you can find them on Facebook.

The Beauty Bash pop-up nail salon is there from 10-6 on Saturday 22nd and Monday 31st December, then Saturdays from January onwards.

Contact Rachel on or 07974 725 470.


  • shirley

    December 23, 2012 at 9:22 am

    All new mums should treat themselves for the sake of their hard working hands your manicure looks fab

    1. gillian

      December 23, 2012 at 5:22 pm

      Thank you! It looked so nice, I couldn’t stop looking at my hands for ages. Completely agree that all mums need to treat themselves (however old their babies are!)

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