• An (anti-seasonal) outdoor toy round-up

    November 16, 2015

    Looking for some outdoor garden toys..? What do you mean, not at the moment? I know it’s cold and drizzly outside, and we’re firmly into¬†autumn territory now, but here’s a look back at a couple of the toys we’ve been playing with outside over the summer (it might be useful at some point next year,…

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  • Toys, toys, toys

    August 27, 2015

    Me, pre-children: I’ll never let my house become overrun with children’s toys Me, post-children: Arghhhh! *drowing under an avalanche of toys* Toys do have a habit of taking over your house, don’t they? Eliza’s favourite is currently her Bing play house. Florence’s is either other people’s Sophies‘ or the iPad cable (oh dear). To celebrate…

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  • The Kid Who loves to play

    August 13, 2015

    Parents, grandparents, godparents, do you know about The Kid Who? It’s a quirky, eclectic and very cool children’s gift site that sells presents, treats and practical things for little and big people. We’re working with the site over the next few months and will be talking about our favourite review picks, all chosen around a…

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  • Choose your own adventure

    July 5, 2014

    Eliza’s at that age where she’s really into imaginative play. Her toys go on trips around the world in her room, launching off slides on the side of her bed and into the universe, and they spend ages hatching plots and schemes together. A duster can be a magical blanket, a set of drawers is…

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