• An alternative reading list for two-year-olds

    May 19, 2014

    My daughter loves books. Like most toddlers, she’s obsessed with Miffy, and tea-eating tigers, and bear hunts, and whatever mischief Alfie gets up to, and all the old favourites and newer versions and magical worlds that a good story can transport you to. She loves to read them all over and over, again and again,…

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  • How To Explain Parkinson’s To Kids

    November 21, 2013

    How To Explain Parkinson’s To Kids How do you explain Parkinson’s to kids? It’s tricky! Parkinson’s is a complicated medical condition that even adults struggle to get their heads around. So how do you explain it to young children? Here’s a couple of things we’ve tried to explain Parkinson’s to our own young children. Why…

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