A deluge of door decoration

August 7, 2013

Colourful ceramic door knobs - www.ababyonboard.comI am struggling slightly, this week. Among many other things, I really need to find time update my blog, and have a whole list of posts I’d like to write, including ones on mum guilt, house sale issues, bringing up babies in the city, and never having time to update my blog. We also have a house we have to keep permanently tidy that’s full of a toddler, coughs and teething, and what’s that? Oh, it’s the sound of the world’s smallest violin playing.*

So instead, here’s an update on some new door handles I was emailed about this morning (yes, of all things). They’re from M&S, and made of hand-painted ceramic. Aren’t they pretty? Of course we’re hoping to move soon, so fingers crossed there’ll be a whole new house to decorate. We have a vaguely retro-modern theme to our house furnishings so I’m not quite sure they’ll fit in, but at a bargainous £3.50 each I’m sure they’d be useful somewhere. Buy them online here.

* This is my husband’s favourite saying whenever I’m stuck with a one way ticket to self-pity city.


  • 3yearsandhome

    August 7, 2013 at 8:27 pm

    We may have similar taste in decor. Love a modern twist on old pieces. I’m sure you can find a place for the door handles. There’s always room for something you love.

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