• Everything I’d rather do than my tax return

    January 13, 2016

    One of the best decisions I made after having a baby – in fact, ever, I think – was to go freelance instead of returning to my pre-baby, 9-5 (8.30-7)  job. It’s made my post-baby work / life balance better in ways I could never have imagined, and has allowed me to do things I…

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  • The problems with being a work-from-home parent

    March 28, 2014

    For well over a year now,  ever since I decided not to go back to my pre-baby job, I‘ve been working as a freelancer. It has been, for the most part, brilliant. I have work-life balance for the first time in my career, get to be my own boss, love what I do and spend lots of…

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  • A bit of a blogging mini-break

    July 10, 2013

    So I seem to have taken a bit of an unintentional blogging mini break. It’s due to, among other things, still waking up at 5/5.30am every day, finally making moving decisions and as a result, fielding armfuls of over-friendly estate agents, work, home, all the general stuff that goes on – all of which I want…

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  • Talking TalkMum

    May 8, 2013

    I’ve been meaning to write for a while about what I’m now doing work-wise, and for various teeth and sleep related reasons I’ve not quite got round to it just yet. I will soon, but in a nutshell I officially finished maternity leave at the start of the year and have been freelancing part-time since January. One…

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