Three things for the weekend

November 8, 2013

1,2,3 baby rattles1) What is everyone doing this evening? It’s safe to say I’m pretty glad it’s Friday. Eliza has been ill all week with a nursery bug; it started with a cough, and ended with a sad, hot, snotty toddler at home with me on the sofa. She’s better now, but we’ve all had no sleep all for days, so Alex and I are doing at little as humanly possible tonight. I’m currently lying down with a giant, medicinal gin.

2) Tomorrow though, I’m breaking out of the house to go and live-Instagram my day at the Mumsnet Blogfest (for the feed of my sponsors, House of Fraser). Say hi if you’re going – I’ll be the one with the glazed, slightly manic look of someone who’s been stuck inside all week with only a sick toddler and Peppa Pig for company.

2) And speaking of Instagram, you can find me talking about the truth behind my favourite photo on The Motherhood, a great new blog from Alison and a group of other brilliant bloggers.

Have a lovely weekend x.


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