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December 19, 2012

Ball pit, soft playHow great is this comment left by Bosch UK on one of my old blog posts? Firstly, they’ve taken the time to write me a poem, I love it! Secondly it makes reference to, among a multitude of other things: my pre-baby blog, the fact we don’t drive in London, Eliza starting to talk, and our holiday in Miami. It is crucial to read a blog first before speaking to a blogger, and that’s an awful lot of passing references I’ve made on here that they’ve taken the time to read through.

It often seems like people are really quick to point out negative PR / brand interactions but never the positives, so I wanted to repost it. Thanks so much Bosch! Here it is:

Gill, you wonderful mummy
We thought we’d swing-by and post
An unconventional comment
Which is more different than most

Congrats on the one-year anniversary
Of writing this wonderful site
(We used to follow Minxology
And even that blog filled us with delight!)

We’re the folks behind team Bosch
You may have heard of our brand
From power tools to automotive ….
Our products can be seen across the land

You may know us for home appliances
And probably have something of ours in your house
You may even have grown up with Bosch products
Before moving in with Alex, your spouse

But we bet that you weren’t aware
That we do much more than a range of cool kettles
We also have heating and hot water solutions
Ideal for when the snow outside settles

When you went to Miami early last year
Even before you both departed
Our airport surveillance was keeping you safe
Ensuring your holiday got started

If you and Alex ever buy a car
We’ll be in that technology all right
With safety systems to engine management
We develop these technologies with amazing engineering foresight

We’re green in our philosophy
Which is really important to us
We want to sustain good karma
Without making much of a fuss

So deep in all our technology
At the heart of everything we do
We wire in quality innovation
Making sure we also look good for you

And whilst we don’t sell sonic screwdrivers
(Sorry Alex, our tech hasn’t reached Galifrey)
Our lithium-ion cordless power-tools
Should let you both DIY away!

Now that Eliza’s growing older
(and cuter by the day)
When she first starts talking
We wonder what she’ll say…?

Will her first word be “mummy”?
In an accent, oh-so posh?
Or will she say “Hi daddy!”
[We’re hoping she’ll say “Bosch”!]

As a mummy blogger
We’re keen to hear your thought
About how we can go about
Giving you support

Because trust us, we know too well
That a parent’s life is intense
We may be able to help you
As our product range is immense

So whether you’re at Gymboree
Or out in Crystal Palace
Cooking in the kitchen
On the sofa, watching Dallas

Spare a thought for us, your chums
In you, a guru we’ve found…
And you’ll never be that far away
Because Bosch Is All Around

Hope you enjoyed that (come on over and say hello on Facebook or Twitter!)

And yes, of course I’ve done both. Let me know what you think!

P.S. I know the photos aren’t strictly related to the post, but I liked the ball / Bosch alliteration! They were taken during at our first foray into the colourful world of soft play (we went to the one at Beckenham Spa and E loved it).


  • Bosch UK (@BoschUK)

    December 19, 2012 at 2:46 pm

    Hi Gill!

    We’re blushing here… you are very kind with your post. To be honest, we love your blog which is why we thought we’d leave you this message. We hope you had a nice birthday.

    Have a very merry Christmas and a happy 2013 (for you, Eliza and Alex).

    The team at @BoschUK

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