Party like it’s 20 years of the Monsoon Children’s range

November 11, 2015

Did you know the Monsoon Children’s range is 20 years old? We were invited along to  party at the Tower of London to help celebrate…

Monsoon children's range of clothes

Random fact, my wedding dress was from Monsoon (I’d wanted an eyewateringly expensive Jenny Packham one but my dad – of all people – did some research and persuaded me and my mum to go to Monsoon first. I loved my dress so much we bought it on the spot).

I didn’t wear my wedding dress to the party – I’m not that weird, although aren’t you always tempted to wear yours around the house? – but Eliza was lucky enough to be sent her outfit beforehand. I would not-so-secretly love to wear the children’s range – it’s a mix of boho, whimsical and fairytale with the right amount of sparkle (you can also see Bonita’s favourite Monsoon picks for the party season).

The party was set up around a magical woodland forest / camp theme, with children’s tipis, bunting, balloons and even a campfire:

Monsoon party20 years in balloons

There was face painting, art and crafts, balloon art, a real-life beefeater, a forest-themed photo booth, a live storytelling by author Eva Katzler, and of course lots of dancing to Shake it Off.

Crown making and arts and crafts

Monsoon range of children's clothes Balloons filled with confetti Fairy wings made of balloons

There was also an adults only section at the back with grown-up food and a bar. And to take home we had a sparkly-filled party bag of dreams.

Oh, and did I mention the cake?

Rainbow pinata birthday cake of dreams

It was pretty spectacular as parties go and all in such a good setting; thanks for having us Monsoon. And I also learned it is possible to get the two of us, two huge helium balloons and a giant pair of fairy wings home on the tube.

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