Ten reasons I’m *terrible* at Instagram stories

Do you love Instagram Stories? Hate it? Find it irritating? Not use it? Don’t even know what it is?

Instagram Stories - ten reasons I'm terrible at using it

For anyone who falls into the final category, Instagram Stories is the feature on Instagram where you can share your day by posting images or quick video clips that you can bring to life with text and filters. Everything on Instagram Stories is deleted in 24 hours so it tends to be less formal and much more instant and playful (more, say, walking to school rather than an elegant and ever-so-slightly posed photo of your feet and some blossom).

(I would be genuinely interested to know what you think about it / if you use it? I’m gill_c over on Instagram, say hello).

I know Instagram Stories has been around for ages now, but I’ve only recently really got into it recently. It is short and really easy to dip in and out and of see as much or little as you like at a time. It’s perfect for a feed scroll or those mindless moments of downtime. Since I’m still not doing this it’s a great match for my short attention span.

Plus, I’m kind of nosy.

So in terms of me watching other people’s, I’m great at it.

But in terms of me posting my own content? In short, I’m terrible at it…

In long, here’s ten reasons why:

My hands are always full: As soon as you announce a second pregnancy everyone tells you ‘YOU’LL have your hands full, HAHA’ (which is great, isn’t it? So reassuring at such a hormonal time). But when it comes to quickly filming the day-to-day, it’s never truer. I’m constantly holding either one or both child, which makes for taking my phone out – and filming – difficult.

My hands are full of stuff: When I’m not carrying children, I’m usually holding book bags and water bottles and snacks and keys and jumpers and Barbies and spare clothes and so on. Getting extra stuff out is never a good idea. See earlier in the year, when I shattered my phone screen for this exact reason, which was expensive and also an embarrassing admission in the shop.

My children are too naked: 99% of the time my children have no clothes on, which is you know, breezy for them but impossible to record for the general public. Note to new parents: don’t waste much money on clothes, they never stay on.

Our lives are quite…normal: I would say 90% of our day is the day-to-day – the breakfast routine, the school run, playgroups, working from home, endless trips to the shop, endless cups of tea…is that interesting?

And it’s all quite repetitive: As above, over and over again.

I have a built-in block when it comes to booze: Having seen one-too-many drunken disaster on social media, I now have a built-in sensor that screams out NO when I pick up my phone to idly spill some thoughts online after a few drinks (as my life is not really full of wild nights out, it usually works after one-and-a-half glasses of wine, which is useful for the post-pregnancy lightweight). But that’s exactly when the juicy, truthful stuff comes out. For other people.

We’re usually breastfeeding: Again, something I spend a lot of my time doing. And while breastfeeding photos are peaceful and lovely and help normalise it, I find it difficult to take photos when there’s a giant toddler using me as a human climbing frame in an attempt to locate access both nipples simultaneously.

There’s usually a child shouting ‘put the phone dooooooooown’: True story.

I always have terrible hair: Due to a combination of humidity and curly hair and weather, I spend most of the time as either Monica from Friends or as terrible unflattering topknot lady. Which the world doesn’t need to see, really.

I forget: When do you get rid of baby brain, again? Anyone? Nearly six years in I STILL HAVE IT. I regularly forget my name and the end of sentences. However I do remember to record things for Instagram Stories, but only after the event. Which is about as much use as, well, what was I saying?

However, despite all this, I’ve decided to really make an effort. Because I love watching other people’s Stories and I figure the appeal, and the challenge, is making the everyday appealing. And as someone who’s recorded such events as a breast pad breaking my washing machine, it’s not like I’ve ever been into thrilling details, really.

So are you terrible at Instagram Stories? Or just want to give it a go?  I’m gill_c over on Instagram – follow me, give me a wave, and let’s be terrible Instagram Storiers together.

Ten reasons I'm terrible at Instagram Stories

Here are ten people I love following on Instagram Stories:

Gemma from Mutha Hood / Mother of Daughters / Alison Perry / Emily and More /  Lizzie Loves Healthy / Betty magazine / Owl and Accordion / Halina from Vie Choufleur / The Ordinary Lovely / Rachel from Make a Long Story Short and basically *everyone* else I follow…who do you love following?

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  1. July 11, 2017 / 8:39 pm

    Love this post Gill! I can completely relate. My issue is that where we live I rarely ever have internet connection when I’m not in the house, so it makes actually recording fun stuff we do, as we do it, pretty tricky!

  2. July 11, 2017 / 8:39 pm

    Love this post Gill! I can completely relate. My issue is that where we live I rarely ever have internet connection when I’m not in the house, so it makes actually recording fun stuff we do, as we do it, pretty tricky!

  3. July 14, 2017 / 9:32 pm

    Thanks for the mention, Gill! I love InstaStories. It’s perfect for people like me who only have a few minutes to spare here and there to record a snippet of their day and get a sneak peek at what others are up to. I find it fun.

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