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Pregnancy update weeks 0-13: Everything I’d forgotten about the first trimester

13 weeks pregnant bump shotWhen I was expecting Eliza,  pregnancy seemed so all-consuming that I couldn’t remember the grey and misty swirls of time before being pregnant, or ever imagine it ending.

Then pretty soon after I gave birth, I couldn’t for the life of me imagine what it had been like (‘baby movements felt like what again?’ ‘I couldn’t drink much wine for all the time…really?’).

So it was a relief that as soon as I got pregnant again, it all came rushing back in a familiar wave of symptoms and strange happenings.

Here’s everything I’d forgotten about being pregnant, the first trimester special: Continue reading

What to Expect When You’re Expecting – DVD prize giveaway

Bump shotsWhat did you least expect when you were expecting? For me it was the following:

  • Going off one of my favourite things – avocados – to the extent that even now, the thought of them makes me feel queasy
  • The multitude of bizarre pregnancy symptoms I had. Extreme thirst? Dry nose? Incredibly intense dreams? Yep, all of the above…
  • Despite developing a sweet tooth and cravings for strawberry milkshake, I was more healthy than I have been in forever. I ate three square meals a day, had my five a day, drank an awful lot of water and still walked up the tube escalators at eight and a bit months pregnant
  • Having a high-risk pregnancy meant I was under consultant-led care, with a multitude of ongoing medical appointments, extra scans and so many blood tests combined with daily injections that I felt like a human pin cushion. Basically, it meant spending a LOT more time at the hospital than I’d imagined
  • However, I also didn’t expect pregnancy to be as amazing as it was. I absolutely loved it, despite some not-so-great bits, and I still feel really nostalgic now when I think about it

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Strange pregnancy symptoms no-one ever tells you about: second trimester edition

As I’m now in the third trimester, I thought I’d round-up all the symptoms I’ve been experiencing for the past few months (my first trimester recap is here). These aren’t the obvious ones I’d read all about, but more like the startlingly odd symptoms that come surprisingly out of left-field.

Here are my top five: Continue reading

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