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A nursery update and some Friday link love

Instagrams from the pubIt’s finally Friday! Thank you so much for all the lovely comments, tweets and advice I was given on my post from earlier in the week about nursery and dealing with separation anxiety. It got worse (the next day, despite me sneaking out, she started crying before I left the room then didn’t stop. Her sad, tearful face when I picked her up is etched on my memory forever, the guilt!). But then it got better (yesterday she cried when I left, then they managed to distract her into having some, dare I say it, fun. She wouldn’t eat though, but baby steps, right?) I know we have to take each day as it comes but I’m feeling much more optimistic now.

During the last two sessions I took refuge in a nearby pub – hence the wine-y Instagrams above (win-stagrams?) – with the added distraction of the internet. Here’s some links from the past week I’ve been looking at:

  • Firstly two thanks yous - to the lovely guys at DotComGiftShop for naming A Baby on Board in a list of beautiful baby blogs, and to Tots 100 for including my post about finding out I was pregnant in the Top 50 favourite blog posts of 2012
  • Three incredibly powerful posts that have really stood out for me this week: Cathy on ectopic pregnancy, Mama Cymraeg on missed miscarriage and Emma on having two under two
  • Like a lot of people I’ve been following the Kirstie Alsopp vs the NCT debate; Alex has written a good post about it, as has Clemmie. Our experience was overwhelmingly positive – our teacher covered everything from c-sections, inductions, to formula feeding and we made some amazing friends we see all the time (hi guys!) But what are everyone’s thoughts – are NCT courses money worth spending, or do you agree with Kirstie?
  • I also liked Ruth’s post about reflections on the end of maternity leave, as it’s very timely for me. Is anyone else due back at work soon?
  • Did you know more accidents are caused on the tube by grapes than banana skins? Happy 150th birthday to the London Underground!
  • And finally, I know everyone’s probably seen it already, but how utterly lovely is Tom from McFly’s wedding speech?

Have a good weekend, what does everyone have planned? Looks like it might snow on Sunday…

Pregnancy week 27: a blissfully normal week

I’m trying not to speak too soon as there’s still one day left of it, but it’s been a very uneventful couple of days so far, especially after the past few weeks. I went back to work and then just did completely  normal things like going out to dinner with friends, shopping, and lying on the sofa and watching terribly trashy TV. Also, watching fireworks; it’s a really good time of year to live on a hill overlooking London.

Alex and I started NCT classes; more about those later, but everyone lives in our area (I was slightly worried they wouldn’t, as we have to go down the road to Dulwich for them as the Crystal Palace ones are only on Friday afternoons). All the people there seemed lovely, and we all had the same sort of baby-related concerns and questions. And next week we get to look at…photos of a placenta. Continue reading

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