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My Brazillian blow-dry from Groupon

Curly hair

Me, circa the 80s, with very curly hair

Hair confession time; mine is actually very curly (think along the lines of Orphan Annie and Bonnie Langford). My life was changed dramatically by the purchase of GHD’s in my 20s, and on the rare occasions I don’t do anything to it now, it feels very un-done and not at all like me. But straightening it takes a while, and as I have a lot less time on my hands I really need a hairstyle that doesn’t take forever. Continue reading My Brazillian blow-dry from Groupon


Strange pregnancy symptoms no-one ever tells you about

What are the really strange pregnancy symptoms that people never tell you about in the first trimester? It occurred to me last night, as I lay awake in bed at 5am*, that there’s an awful lot of pregnancy symptoms I hadn’t known about.

Strange pregnancy symptoms no-one tells you about - the weird and unusual side effects of being pregnant. Great list, did you have any of these?

Sure, there’s the pretty obvious ones – morning sickness, tiredness, cravings and so on – but there’s a whole load of others that have come as a surprise along the way…