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33 weeks pregnant: measuring up

33 weeks pregnant, bump shot

“So, you’re measuring slightly small…” The midwife said, as she hovered above me with the tape measure.

I have to admit, my mind had been elsewhere at that point (my train of thought had included: Oh, how lovely to listen to the heartbeat just now. What shall I have for breakfast no2? Wouldn’t Eliza love the toy horse that’s in the office? Isn’t lying on the bed relaxing? What’s on my to-do list today? Need to write loads of emails. What shall we have for dinner?) But even when I realised what she said, I wasn’t really worried. Isn’t that what midwives always say?

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Pregnancy week 27: a blissfully normal week

I’m trying not to speak too soon as there’s still one day left of it, but it’s been a very uneventful couple of days so far, especially after the past few weeks. I went back to work and then just did completely ┬ánormal things like going out to dinner with friends, shopping, and lying on the sofa and watching terribly trashy TV. Also, watching fireworks;┬áit’s a really good time of year to live on a hill overlooking London.

Alex and I started NCT classes; more about those later, but everyone lives in our area (I was slightly worried they wouldn’t, as we have to go down the road to Dulwich for them as the Crystal Palace ones are only on Friday afternoons). All the people there seemed lovely, and we all had the same sort of baby-related concerns and questions. And next week we get to look at…photos of a placenta. Continue reading Pregnancy week 27: a blissfully normal week