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Pregnancy week 24: viability

Here are five of the noteworthy things that happened during my 24th week of being pregnant:

  • It was a week of more medical appointments: midwife, haematology and dentist. All was fine with the baby and my blood, thyroid levels and teeth – so I thought at this point I had a couple of weeks off doctors surgeries and hospitals, and wouldn’t have to go back to any until November
  • The consultant I met this week also answered two of my biggest questions at the moment. One, that there’s no reason at this point that I have to have a c-section, and two, that there are ways around my blood-thinning injections meaning I can have an epidural if I want (as you can’t have one within 12 hours of taking clexane due to the risk of spinal bleeds…ever-so-slightly terrifying).
  • It was also a week of kicks (the good sort; in the stomach, not the teeth!). The baby stepped up a notch in power, which meant Alex finally felt it for the first time – amazing – as did the midwife at my appointment, when the baby attempted to kick off the heart-rate doppler Continue reading Pregnancy week 24: viability
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