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Maternity leave has now officially started; my last day in the office was just before Christmas. I ended up finishing at 34 weeks due to a combination of remaining 2011 holiday and the festive break, plus it seemed pointless to go back for four days in January. My colleagues gave me and the baby a whole load of Cowshed and Cox cupcake leaving loveliness; lucky us.

It’s quite strange not having work in my life for once, considering it’s normally such a big part of it, and obviously I’ll miss my team and all the work we do (my job is in digital PR, so it’ll also be interesting to purely use social media from a personal perspective again). There’s also there’s loads of random things I’ll miss like working in Central London and all the Soho oddness, having so many shops, bars and restaurants within dangerously close range, and there being a reason to wear proper outfits and straighten my hair.

So far I’ve been really, really busy; going to a couple of medical appointments, waiting for online shopping to arrive, and having conversations with my new friend, the postman. The best part has been catching up on sleep; I was pretty exhausted before I stopped, so naps and lie-ins are now my new best friend. It does feel as if I’m just on an extended holiday – I know this will all end as soon as the baby arrives though, so for now I’m making the most of it.



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