Eliza vs Eliza, with Hello Canvas

This is what happens when Eliza comes face-to-face with Eliza, in canvas print form… Hello Canvas review

But how did you come to have a giant canvas photo of her in your living room in the first place, I hear you ask? Well, because Hello Canvas got in touch offering us to review one of its photo canvas prints. We were challenged to send our ‘best’ photo, one we thought they wouldn’t be able to match the quality of.

I picked one of the photos taken for her 11 month update, basically because we loved it, and wanted a simple image that wouldn’t look too busy or cluttered. It arrived very speedily, and we both had great fun unwrapping it.

In terms of quality, the print has turned out really well. Amazingly so, considering it was a shot taken on an iPhone picture and it’s been blown up to many times the size. Quality-wise it also withheld a curious, sticky-handed toddler onslaught with no problems.

I’d definitely use Hello Canvas in the future, especially for presents. The only problem with the one we were sent is that it is pretty big, and we have no-where to hang it in our flat at the moment (so expect a surprise delivery, Grandma!)

Update: Hello Canvas have kindly given me a discount code for future orders to get 5% off. The code is: LBMAR2012, it has no expiration date and you can use it in combination with other promotions.


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